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Hey! I have Some Questions!!!

  •  Why can't I just drop by and look at the facility?

CCCanines utilizes its full 7 acres everyday, often times we are out back taking care and playing with the dogs! We like to keep the days controlled, for our guests sake. If we can plan and prepare our day for visitors it keeps all of our guests in a much happier, calmer state of mind. Please call or email, info@creeksidecountrycaines.comto schedule your facility tour. We offer tours Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 1:30pm. Tours run every half hour in that time window.

  • Why Can't I escort my dog in, or watch all the dogs playing?

 There are a few reasons we ask two legged visitors to not go beyond the gate. Most importantly, for the mindset of your dog! We are trying to make the drop off experience quick and stress free for them. Once your dog has been received from the gate we don't want them to sense you are around, it makes for an easier settling in period. We also don't want our other guests to be disturbed! A new dog is enough excitement for our guests, add in a new person walking thru and it's just too much. Our goal is always to keep our guests calm and relaxed. You are welcome to schedule a tour in advance of your dog's stay, we'd love to show you around!

  • What should I expect when I drop my dog off?

It is VERY important to show up by NOON when dropping your dog! When you arrive at the gate please call 425-623-4222, we will come out and grab your dog and their food, you will stay outside of the gate. We do this to reduce your dog's chance of becoming worried and getting anxious.  Often times it also helps our human clients for the same reasons!!! Your dog will be taken in to the pack and get introduced to all of their new pack mates.

  • What should I bring for my dog's stay?

We recommend that you bring your dog's normal food and any supplement or medications. Please only pack enough food for your dogs stay, storage is limited. Note: Please do not bring bowls unless your dog has special needs. It is hard for us to keep track of them because they are cleaned between each meal. Below is a 'packing' checklist for you dogs vacation:

                                                                             -Vaccinations (we do not have a FAX line; snail mail, scan and email or hand over)
                                                                             -Completed CCCanines Intake Paperwork

                                                                             -Quick Release buckle style collar
                                                                             -Food (there is a charge for house food)

                                                                             -Quickly consumable treats
                                                                             -Supplements/Medications/pill cases

  • Is there an additional charge for medications?

There is no additional charge,  we consider it part of the care your dog requires so it's included.

  • What time do you want my dog dropped off?

We REQUIRE all boarding dogs checkin by NOON, gate opens at 7am (M-F), the earlier the better. This ensures your dog will get exercise and plenty of time to acclimate into the pack before its time to snuggle in for the night. It doesn't cost you any extra to drop off early so take advantage and let your dog have some extra fun! And really, don't our dogs hate to watch us pack anyway!?

  • What times should I expect the shuttle for my dog? 

Boarding dogs, as well as daycare dogs, will be scooped up between 8 and 10:30am. For the extended shuttles, outside of our 15 mile pick up radius, we usually pick up between 11AM and 12 noon. Daycare dogs get dropped off between 2:45 and 5pm. Boarding dogs can stay and play on their checkout day, as well, for a small additional fee, just let us know your needs.

  • Where will my dog stay while vacationing at CCCanines?

Each dog will stay in our 2300 sq. ft. Rambler, as though they are family. With an array of sleeping options.

  • Does my dog have to be socialized?

All guests of CCCanines have to be dog AND people friendly. No exceptions.

  • Will my dog get to play during their stay?

Yes!  All the playtime they want is INCLUDED in our rates. Get ready for one tired pup!

  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. We require guests to be current on Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvo. We recommend and encourage Bordetella and Leptosporosis. Alternative/holistic veterinarian care is accepted, please inquire for more details.

  • Do you have Breed Bans?

No we do not have breed bans! If your dog passes our temperament test, then they are in. Should your dog develop problems, over time, with other packmates or pack leaders, we will notify you. We reserve the right to terminate service at any point, refunds will be given at our discretion

  • Will my Dog Get Dirty?

HOPEFULLY!!! It happens! We do offer bathing and nail trim services, for an additional fee, for those dirty dogs. Make sure to schedule it for their checkout date.

  • What if my dog gets sick or injured while I am away? 

We treat them as if they are family members. If the injury or illness is life threatening we will seek medical attention immediately. We use a combination of area vets to assure  the right care is there at the time we need it. If the issue is non-life threatening we will contact you, should you not be reachable we will call your emergency contact. If none of these avenues are available, we will make a visit to the vet and get the dog on the road to recovery. Should an issue arise that requires isolation, we do have the capacity to do that here and keep your fur baby comfortable.

Still have Questions? Give us a call or drop us a line.... we have the answers.