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Lucy lounging on the couch by the woodstove

If you have a lucky dog that gets to stay overnight with us, CCCanines offers a home like setting for your pet to hang out in. sleeping options include their choice of elevated mesh beds, soft cushy pillow beds, foam mattress beds, wire crates (for those dogs whom like that cozy 'den' feeling). Meals are prepared with each dogs own food brought from home, then served to each dog in their own private dining area.

After a good day playing or lounging outside the dogs are usually DOGONE tired and they get a little shut eye before 'last potty call'. After they are let out to stretch, lap up some water, potty, and give their friends good night wishes we then tuck them all in for a restful nights sleep. The next morning our guests are greeted with a jaunt in the yard and their favorite food, all in order to start another fun filled day while you're away!

Just what does your dog get to do?

When the Tail Wagn' shuttle arrives at the facility, the pooches are fired up and ready to go! Whether they are just a pup or livin’ the golden years, there is a great deal of excitement when they make the turn down the hill to Creekside Country Canines. So it’s no wonder the mornings are full of smiling, playing, sniffing and running. There are lots of sites to see and friends to catch up with, always under the watchful eye of our skilled Pack leaders.

By mid-day, the dogs mellow out. Some continue to play while others sit back and take in the sites. There are several dog houses/Dogloos where the more sedate may visit for a quick siesta. Music is often a part of our days here, whether it be upbeat world music during the day or classical for the evening, your pooch will always have something to tap their tail too.

After the mid-day lull there is a renewed burst of energy for most dogs. While some prefer to still lounge about, others play tag, explore a shady corner or get their ear and belly  scratches in.  By the end of the day, the dogs arrive home- tired and happy they got the exercise and the socialization needed to keep a happy healthy balance to their lives and yours.


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