Creekside Country Canines

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Free Range Stay and Play


kennel free dog daycare

kennel free dog boarding

Just a few ground rules to get your dog's spot in the Pack!  We DO NOT have breed restrictions at CCCanines. We do need to meet your dog and evaluate their personality to assure they are a good fit for daycare and/or boarding in a free range environment.

A few more requests of all our guests....

  • Well-socialized- No history of aggression towards other animals or people.
  • Must be spayed or neutered. Puppies have up to 6 months.
  • Dogs must be potty trained, puppies in training okay.
  • Owners must submit vet provided written proof of Rabies, and DHPP vaccinations.
  • Dogs that do not take traditional shots and are under the care of a natural homeopathic veterinarian are welcome at CCCanines, but will require a written note from their vet, indicating the treatment they are on.  All dogs, regardless of vet care preference MUST have proof of Rabies vaccination.
  • Negative Fecal Report, testing namely for Giardia, within the last 90 days for new clients, every six months there after.
  • CCCanines requires that your dog(s) be free of fleas, if fleas are noted on your dog(s) we will treat them with a topical flea treatment such as Advantix or Frontline, at cost.
  • Complete and sign the daycare and or boarding agreement and waiver.
  • In good health- has not had any communicable diseases within the past 30 days. Dogs who are returning to CCCanines after a previous illness require a veterinarian's certificate of health.
  • Must be able to be contained by 5 ft. fences (not a known fence jumper)
  • Is not a nuisance barker- A nuisance barker is deemed if they do not respond to CCCanines staff verbal corrections. If your dog is a known barker you can send them with his or her own remote controlled correction collar. If they tend to only bark, due to excitement,  while in the care of CCCanines we will use beep/vibration E-collars.

How to get your paws on the fun!